First Run(s) of 2019

The year has got off to a pretty good start running wise. Ok, so I didn’t do anything the first week, but this week I managed not one but two runs and even had a session on the exercise bike!

Tuesday was the first run of the year and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for it. I had a vague idea about seeing if I could do 10-15 minutes without a break, but I wasn’t sure so I decided to just get out and see what happened.

As it turned out, I was able to keep going (albeit very slowly) for 25 minutes. I could probably have done a little bit more, but I also knew that I wanted to do parkrun on Saturday, so I figured 25 minutes was good enough to be going on with.

Again, for parkrun today, I wasn’t really sure how I was going to approach the run. My original plan had been to do intervals of 10 minutes running and 1 minute walking, with the aim of getting round in about 34 minutes, but again I’d see how I felt once I got going.

I arrived at Hove park with around 10 minutes to spare. Fortunately it wasn’t too cold so I didn’t mind too much, and kind of enjoyed just hanging around watching everyone arriving.

There was a nice positive vibe as people gathered at the start area. There were around 550 of us, which I think is a bit more than usual, but given that it’s early-mid January it’s probably to be expected.

The start itself did seem to take a bit longer than usual, so I didn’t get up to speed as quickly as I would have liked, but once things thinned out a bit it was fine.

The first 10 minutes came and went without too much trouble. I was going slowly of course, but didn’t feel like I needed to walk, so I kept plodding on until I could feel my pace starting to slip. That was around the 20 minute mark.

I figured that after my walk break, I should try to get another 10 minutes of running in, but I had probably overdone it with the first 20 and only managed 6 minutes before having to walk again.

I was pretty far back and slipped back a bit further as I enjoyed my 1 minute break. Once I got going again, I soon overtook a few of those who had passed me, but I was still feeling pretty tired.

I didn’t have too far to go, so after a few minutes I decided to have one final walk break and then see if I could muster enough energy for one last kick to the finish line.

There was a sizeable gap between me and those in front, but I managed to get past one without too much trouble and then accelerated as best I could for the last 300 metres, overtaking a couple more to finish with an official time of 33:55.

I was really pleased to have made it under 34 minutes, especially with the slow start.

My Garmin time was a little bit faster as I hadn’t heard them say ‘Go’ at the start due to the people around me chatting, and the fact that we weren’t actually moving. But either way, I’m happy with both results.


New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year! Yeah, I know I’m a bit late, but I reckon you’re still allowed to say it for the first week of the year.

This year, I have decided not to make any running related resolutions or rash promises. Instead, I’m just going with the flow… although the flow is rather slow right now.

I haven’t actually had my first run of 2019 yet and I’m not making excuses. There’s no need for any of that.

Instead, I’ll tell you about my last run of 2018. I was in the Highland for Christmas, spending time with family, eating, drinking and generally having a good time. So much so, that by Boxing Day I was in need of a run.

As my sister’s dog needs walking in the morning, I decided to take him out for a nice wee jog. It was a lovely sunny and mild morning, which was a nice change from the usual horizontal rain that we’ve had the last couple of years.

We took it nice and easy, the dog and I, and tried not to wrap each other round too many lamp posts and I have to say that he made a pretty good running buddy as we bimbled along, stopping for the occasional sniff or pee (the dog that is!).

Given the circumstances, I wasn’t too bothered about time or distance, but we did manage to cover a few miles to help work of the festive indulgences/ make room for some more!

Much as I enjoyed running with the dog though, I am looking forward to getting a proper run done soon and seeing what new running adventures this year has in store.

Happy Running!


Getting Back To Running

I have been struggling for a while to get back into running, so when a work colleague asked if I fancied joining her for parkrun a couple of weeks ago, it seemed like a good way of getting myself motivated again – well, that and the promise of a fried breakfast at the end of it.

So, for three out of the last four weeks, I have been getting up and out early on Saturday mornings to plod my way around my local park. The weather has been grim and the going has been slow, but not only have I stuck to the commitment, I even enjoyed it!

My times have been pretty slow on the whole, and I have been mixing the running with some walk breaks, but all in all progress is being made. The official parkrun times are always a bit out as I tend to start right at the back to avoid tripping people up, but here are the results according to my Garmin:

24th November 2018

1st December 2018

15th December

Even though I am just doing this for fun and am not too bothered about my times as such, it is nice to see that there is some improvement happening.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to parkrun again before the New Year as the next couple of weekends are going to be busy, but I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and Happy Running!